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An african american boy, soaked in his confusion, is completely fucked on Acid, joyriding on the 95 with two other friends. The boy has recently started to grasp life's contradictions and the abundance of them he is a product to. He feels annoyed by these realities and has this hidden urge to adjust his inconsistent ways he now sees as an immortality. The other two make fun of his urge and constantly persuade him that these "immortalities" are the way life functions. After this debate the car is involved in a (Crash) that sends him in a deep coma almost euphoric. He appears in a rural setting in the front of a old western thrift shop facing an empty field. No true known location but the boy has this strong assumption it's in North Dakota. out in the field this hologram appears displaying these capturing images that send him into more euphoric trances. (BDMed/Murphy's Law) The boy is in this world where sexism has turned most women into manikins. However, he meets this beautiful woman in this robot phase with very few emotions left due to degrading moral destruction and unnecessary male dominance. They fall in love but she quickly begins to fall out then one day goes still; adjustable to only his desire. (tryMees) The boy slips into phase 2 where it's him lounging on this couch on a eagle rock hill with a bunch of people with ski mask and jansport backpacks. They constantly offer him, the only unmasked one there, these baggies of drugs to conceal his vulnerability; his face. He takes dmt and after his patience it takes him into what seems like another dimension. (PA/Autumn's Wisdom) In phase 3, the boy floats over a crime both in the day and at night where promises are broken with ease and leads the black population into a enormous pinebox. The words of an intelligent black woman will display the precious and untouchable creativity in black society. (Untitled) This is phase 4 where the boy is beginning to leave this coma. The trance starts to involve his personal issues as of now, for this phase is about 3 woman in a van being taken to be raped by a GOD like figure. They all have their own troubling stories that morph their attitudes towards life and the boy tries to save them but they can't see or hear his cry. (Pop's Wisdom) The boy is starting to awake but is hearing this lecture from his father but he can't quite understand him. It's like the teacher in Charlie Brown but his words are in the form of this beat. (B.T.W.M.F.) The boy is back in the car, now parked in front of a 7/11 and realizes that all that time spent in North Dakota was just the experience of a bad trip with his friends. They laugh at him and he leaves, but not angrily. More so refreshed! As he leaves we assume it all was a product of drugs however he has a hospital bracelet on and is bleeding profusely. All three of them are! They're are dead!


released September 8, 2015

includes Dj Jazzy Jeff, 3AM, and Autumn Sylve. Wanna thank my amazing mother, my father, Autumn, Maleeha, Sam, Jasper, Adisa, Dayne, Ferno, Cristopher Schafer, VIZINK, and anyone else who was apart of this experience.



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